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The North Grenville Concert Choir (NGCC) is based in the Municipality of North Grenville, Ontario, Canada. The Choir was formed by the late Lana Pelletier, together with the Choir's first Musical Director, Jim Watson, and Maureen McCleery, who were inspired to assemble a group of people sharing a love of singing and sense of community. Lana had a challenging vision, and felt this community needed a choir that could perform Handel's Messiah. Gordon Slater, the Conductor of the Divertimento Orchestra, offered early encouragement and collaboration. The glorious first production of the Messiah by the Choir and the Divertimento Orchestra took place in December 1997.

The choir had important roots in North Grenville. Many of the first participants brought experience and ideas from earlier ecumenical choirs that had leadership from many individuals including Mrs. Nichol and Marjorie Patterson.

The Choir has enjoyed and intends to maintain a close and cooperative association with The Kemptville Players, Inc. That group has made it possible for the NGCC to stage musical plays beyond the Choir's individual capacity, and it is hoped that future collaborations may continue.

Tom Graham created the logo of the choir, which appears in the background of all the Choir pages.




The official name of the organization shall be The North Grenville Concert Choir, herein referred to as "the Choir".




The purpose of the Choir is for the presentation of vocal music of many styles. The Choir performs concerts and musicals, always striving for enjoyment, education, and the appreciation of music within the choir, and within the North Grenville community. The Choir has always striven for a high musical standard, in keeping with its original performances of Handel's Messiah.




3.1 Membership in the Choir shall be open to all who are willing to play a role in the Choir activities, according to this Constitution.


3.2 A Choir member is a person performing or supporting in any of the current year's performances. These are considered active members. In addition, the Steering Committee may confer honorary membership upon any individual.


3.3 The selection and roles of performers for a specific performance shall be established by the Choir Director. Performers must meet and maintain the required musical standards established by the Choir Director.


3.4 A Choir member shall attend all regular Choir rehearsals and extra practices as scheduled by the Choir Director for a specific performance. If a Choir member cannot attend a sufficient number of rehearsals for a specific performance, the Choir Director, at his/her discretion, may request that the Choir member refrain from participating in the specific performance.


3.5 All Choir members shall be registered on the Choir's mailing list. All active Choir members shall be registered on the Choir's mailing list for a specific performance if participating in that performance. A member may withdraw from the mailing list and/or from the Choir at any time by written notice to the Secretary.


3.6 There will be non-refundable annual membership dues for performing members. The Steering Committee will establish the level of these dues.




4.1 The business activities of the Choir shall be directed by a Steering Committee that, at a minimum, shall have three (3) executive positions - a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, with duties as specified in Article 10.


4.2 The musical activities of the Choir shall be directed by a Choir Director with the assistance of an Accompanist.


4.3 The Choir Director and the Accompanist shall be ex-officio, non-voting members of the Steering Committee.


4.4 The Steering Committee may nominate other Steering Committee positions, such as those of Librarian, Event Producer (for a specific performance), Choir Manager, and/or Webmaster.


4.5 Excluding ex-officio members, the Steering Committee shall consist of no more than eight (8) Choir members.



5.1 The active season of the Choir is from September through May, accordingly the treasurer shall report on the basis of June 1 to May 31. Practices usually occur on a set night of the week, with the September to December period devoted to practicing for a Christmas concert, and the January to April period reserved for the practice of a spring/early summer production. Other productions and practices may also be scheduled.


5.2 The annual meeting of the Choir shall be held by October 1st, within scheduled rehearsal time.


5.3 The election of the Steering Committee shall occur at the annual meeting and the Steering Committee will assume responsibility at the end of the annual meeting.


5.4 Special meetings of the Choir may be convened by the Chair, when needed, in consultation with the Steering Committee. Ordinarily, this will occur during scheduled rehearsal time.


5.5 Steering Committee meetings shall be called by the Chair, and scheduled as required.


5.6 The Steering Committee will ordinarily operate by consensus. If a vote is required, the Chair will not vote unless necessary to decide a tie. The quorum for the Steering Committee is half its membership.




6.1 Candidates for the Steering Committee must be members of the Choir.


6.2 The (previous) Steering Committee is responsible for informing members of the time and place of the annual meeting at least two weeks prior to that meeting, and inviting nominations for the next Steering Committee.


6.3 The (previous) Steering Committee shall present a list of candidates at the annual meeting. Further nominations of candidates may be made by any Choir member at the annual meeting.




7.1 All members of the Choir shall be eligible to vote in any election.


7.2 The incumbent Chair shall not vote in the election, excepting that in the event of a tie the incumbent Chair shall cast a deciding vote.




8.1 The Steering Committee shall select and appoint Steering Committee members to the roles of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and other roles as it determines, such as Librarian, Event Producer, Choir Manager and Webmaster. The selection of members to the appointed roles should occur no more than thirty (30) days following the annual meeting. The Chair must be an active member of the Choir.


8.2 If the position of the Choir Director becomes vacant, the Steering Committee shall nominate a Search Committee whose tasks will be to seek offers from prospective Choir Directors and then report these, with recommendations as appropriate, to the Steering Committee. If the Accompanist position is not vacant, he/she shall be asked to serve on the Search Committee. The Steering Committee may require further interviews or auditions of candidates. When it feels it has sufficient information to makes its decision, the Steering Committee shall select the candidate to whom the position of Choir Director will be offered.


8.3 If necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, the Steering Committee may select and appoint a Choir member to the role of Choir Director or Accompanist on an interim basis, until the normal procedure for the appointment can be carried out.




9.1 A member of the Steering Committee, elected and appointed, will hold office until the annual meeting, although they may carry out appointed roles on an interim basis until replacement, which may occur up to 30 days after the annual meeting. Although positions must be confirmed annually, there is no limit on the number of terms an individual may serve.


9.2 A member of the Steering Committee may resign from the Steering Committee by submitting a letter of resignation to the Secretary, or if the Secretary is not available, to another Steering Committee member.


9.3 A member of the Steering Committee may be removed from the Steering Committee by a majority vote of the Steering Committee.


9.4 The Steering Committee may increase its membership and fill any vacant position by appointing new members from within the membership of the Choir. The persons so appointed will serve until the end of the current term.


9.5 The Choir Director will retain his/her position within the Choir until resignation or upon removal by a majority vote of the Steering Committee.




10.1 The Chair shall:


Preside over Steering Committee meetings

Be an official spokesperson for the choir

Ordinarily, stand for election on the Steering Committee for at least one year after his/her term.


10.2 The Secretary shall:


Perform the duties of the Chair in his/her absence or at his/her request

Record the minutes of Steering Committee and annual Choir meetings

File letters and other correspondence

Be responsible for official Choir correspondence

Maintain a master list of all Choir members

Ordinarily, accept the position of Chair if that is vacated, if this is offered by the Steering Committee.


10.3 The Treasurer shall:


With the Choir Director and Producer, prepare a budget covering the Choir's operations for a specific performance

Receive, verify, and pay all Choir invoices and receipts

Keep accurate records of transactions

Reconcile records

Report changes on the Choir's finances at the Steering Committee meetings

Prepare and present the year-end financial statements to Choir members at the annual meeting

Carry out the above roles under the direction of the Chair

Ordinarily, assist an incoming Treasurer to ensure smooth transition of financial records


10.4 The Choir Director shall:


Develop a proposed program at least two years in advance

Set the performance schedule in consultation with the Steering Committee

Select and implement new music and musicals into the Choir's repertoire within the terms of the Choir's budget in liaison with the Accompanist and the Steering Committee

Conduct Choir rehearsals for specific performances or other musical events

Select and supervise the Accompanist, any other accompaniment, and any assistant Choir director(s) for rehearsals and performances

Select Choir members for specific musical roles and responsibilities

Oversee the musical suitability for admission of new performing members to the Choir

Receive a modest annual or seasonal honorarium for his/her services as determined by the Steering Committee


10.5 The Accompanist shall:


Act under the direction of the Choir Director

Consult with the Choir Director about the selection of new music and musicals into the Choir's repertoire

Supervise assistant accompanist(s) at rehearsals and performances

Receive a modest annual or seasonal honorarium for his/her services as determined by the Steering Committee


10.6 An Event Producer shall:


Supervise and organize the necessary resources for the execution ofspecific Choir performances, within the terms of the Choir's budget and in liaison with the Steering Committee and the Choir Director


10.7 A Librarian shall:


In liaison with the Choir Director, obtain musical materials for specific performances

Distribute music to Choir members at rehearsals

Maintain the Choir's library of musical materials


10.8 A Webmaster shall:


Maintain the Choir's website as directed by the Steering Committee

In liaison with the Secretary, deliver Choir notices and newsletters to Choir members via email


10.9 A Choir Manager shall:


Maintain communications among performing members, the Choir Director, and the Steering Committee

Keep attendance records for Choir practices

Maintain a master list of performing Choir members, including musical roles; and distribute this list to those involved

Assist the Choir Director in maintaining performance seating plans

Ensure conformance to any performance dress code established by the Choir Director


10.10 A Section Leader shall:

Assist the Choir Manager on issues that may arise within a vocal section

Be chosen by the members performing in the vocal section




All changes to the constitution must be passed by a majority of the Choir membership at the annual meeting, (or at a special meeting that is attended by a majority of the Choir membership).




Upon the dissolution of the Choir, all remaining assets shall be given to a non-profit, local organization, as determined by the Steering Committee, providing such organization is a registered charity.


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